-Our Mission-

The Sunflower Orphanage was created for the sole purpose of serving and helping children. Our goal is to make the children feel they have a family that loves and cares for them. We look to help each child reach their maximum potential and live happy, healthy and productive lives.
Some key elements we focus on at the Sunflower are listed below.

Security and Safety
Many of our Children are saved from homelessness or abusive and hostile home situations. We provide safety and security to protect them from abusive family members, predators, slavery and trafficking.
Food and Health
Whether a child is homeless or in a family too poor to provide for them, we take them. Nutritious meals are provided daily and an on-site clinic makes it possible from our children to receive regular physical and dental checkups.
Skills and work
We provide training and teaching so that children are prepared to find work when they enter society as an adult. We believe it is imperative that children are taught the satisfaction that comes from hard work.
Our Founder, Leo Gavancho, has personally received two master degrees in education. All of our children are expected to attend school every day. We also provided additionally tutoring and support for those children who may need the extra help. Through your donations we will soon be able to build an onsite computer lab to improve our teaching capabilities.
Every child needs to feel loved and supported. Sadly, many of our children enter Sunflower orphanage feeling abandoned and unwanted. We provide an atmosphere where children can connect, play, laugh and know that they are loved by our Sunflower family.
We are currently working with organizations who rescue children from Sex trafficking and slavery. It is heartbreaking to learn of the prevalence of child slavery and sex trafficking in Peru and the rest of the world. Our hope is to make the Sunflower Orphanage a safe haven for children who are saved from these dire situations.
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